Thursday, October 4, 2007


I apologize to those who have already read this on my Myspace blog, but I think it was an appropriate starting point;

February 23, 2006

Last Sunday, we began principle photography on my new short film. It is, as some would say "grotesque". This might be true however I believe it holds a message for the audience, which is more than Hollywood can produce these days. It was written by a fellow in England named Stanley Donwood ( He does the artwork for a small band named, Radiohead. I don't think he knows about this film yet, but he will be getting a copy when it is finished so let us hope he enjoys it right? Oh well, it is a vain attempt at meeting the man, since he is "underground", and "mysterious" and "English". I am very excited about this project and want to thank all those who are helping me in this endeavour. We may be arrested...

Below is a video my brother Ben shot of all the behind the scenes from that day. It was a crazy four hour shoot. Those four hours were all I was allotted so I was very excited about all the ground we were able to cover in such a short time. I will submit my reason for the dark footage; it is dark because you don't light behind the scenes footage. Perfectly exceptable reason.

This film is an adaptation of a story from Stanley Donwoods website. You can read it here

To date we have all but a scene or two to shoot still. If you read the short story the few scenes are the "collecting the salts" scenes. Fragile stuff to film so I am treading lightly.

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Julia said...

Is it possible to watch this shortfilm somewhere? Is it posted online?