Art is just another way of keeping a diary ~ Pablo Picasso

"Who is this guy and why does he think so highly of himself to create a blog about his own artwork?" ~ Me (on contemplating what your first impression might be)

See, the thing with blogs is the stereotype that is associated to the "blogger", the man behind the curtain who somehow found the time to create virtual real estate about his own ego. Allow me to state a fact. The world has not seen this blog. I know this because the hosting site Blogger provides me a statistical report every now and again. I have seen this blog and now you have seen this blog. Nice to meet you.

I created this blog in an attempt to display all the creative endeavours I experiment with. I am hoping that it will also be a useful tool in collecting my ideas and inspirations, an open journal that others might explore and discover all the odd bits that spark my imagination.

I enjoy meeting interesting people so I encourage you to drop a hello and let me know what inspires you.